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Simbola Antifaszista is a musical project that was created by a couple dozen of people who, by playing some music together, wanted to express their stance on the fascist march in Warsaw on the 11th of November, on the muncipal authorities' unreflecting decision to permit this march as well as on state repressions against people who decided to take matters into their own hands and to prevent the spreading of xenophobic slogans on the streets.


released October 14, 2010

A hard-edged antifascist message was spit, screamed, sung and recited right into the microphones by 5000 and Ania Zajdel.
music, guitars and bass by Rolf
Polish samba groups unified in the worldwide network Rhythms Of Resistance contributed to the project. The other instruments where played by: Andrzej Król Lir, Czapka, El Blanco, Olga and Lejdi Angina. Recordings from the antifascist demonstration that took place on the 11th of November 2009 and from the antirasist demonstration that took place on the 30th of May 2010 were used.
The audio engineering was handled by Rolf, the audio mastering by Smok and Dziurex: Studio As One



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simbola antifaszista Warsaw, Poland

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Track Name: Uhuru
uhuru (freedom)

To block the march... to protest against it... Against a march that takes place under honourable patriotic slogans but conceals a much worse reality. What they call the „third position” means in reality rascism, fascism, xenophobia and all these bad things we stand against.

dance out your rage
and strike right into the hateful world
spill your resistance on the pavement
tie a colourful scarf around the grey mass
get out on the streets in the rhythm of a common responsibility
get out on the streets and shout in the name of freedom

They are slowly getting more and more powerful and we still don't do much to stop them. Think about it, they are building a new system.
there will be no equilibrium until you won't say stop to injustice
there will be no peace until you won't say stop to discrimination
there will be no safety until you won't say stop to pressure and violence

Think about it, they are building a new system and it is not something we are going to like when they rise to power. It is another system, another opression and I hope that fascism, no matter if in its polish, german or soviet form, will not pass.

dance out your rage
and strike right into the hateful world
spill your resistance on the pavement
tie a colourful scarf around the grey mass
get out on the streets in the rhythm of a common responsibility
get out on the streets and shout in the name of freedom

Because for every antifascist every new day is another demonstration.

because for every antifascist every new day is another demonstration

are you afraid?
that's good
look into my eyes
fear is something that links us all
do you feel pain from the batton blows?
you are still alive
that's all it means
do you feel resignation?
do you feel the passion?
that burns insde you
just like napalm
it also means something, you know?
that we are right

do you feel the gas in your lungs?
take a deep breath
grab my hand and hold it tight
this crowd is a resultant of life
it's a sum of all falling stars
all our tongues full of cries
all the questions
that still have no answer
it's every doubt
that dwells inside
and can't be expressed everyday
it's a carnival of rage and fury
what? we didn't fit into the trend?
it's us who don't have any perspectives on changing things
without theory or practice
a sequence of numbers filling the statistics

but I am the whole crowd
and the whole crowd is me
it is grigoropoulous
przemyk and oscar grant
itoya, guilliani
and all the others
murdered by the police
by this masked organism
perversly called guardians of law
by the gun of the state
stuffed into the mouth of your loved ones
only to kill

Since national states have existed their goal was to protect the cititzens. It is manifested in the way we are treated, better or worse according to the nationality in our passport. And so by implication we may see that people of other nationalities, that is the people who have already suffered from wars and natural disasters – I am talking about refugees – are treated in a worse way. They do not have the same legal status as we do, they are economically excluded, they are being discriminated. That's why we may never forget that fascism and nationalism wouldn't exist if there hadn't been national states first.

you'll see us in TV
read about us in the papers
criminalisation of tactics
squeezing activists into subcultures
quotations out of context
and minimalisation of the message to zero
that's anarchism in the media
an antifascism perfect for critics
that will be easily consumed
by populist demagogues
blind warriors
autonomy for the servants
is a fertile soil
for political investments
it's a movement that can be easily destroyed
by police and state provocations
it's us, dimming the shine of politically correct neo-liberals
it's us, on the stage covered in smoke and accompanied by gunshots
it's us, the unresponsible youth, the unreflecting, apolitical rioters
or just the contrary, political kamikazes
it's us, the only ones who had the courage
and you? what did you hear? what did you think?
tell the truth
For every antifascist every new day is another demonstration when they oppose discrimination. When they protest when a Vietnamese is pushed around in the bus. When they protest when during a family celebration some grumpy uncle gabs that everything has been bought up by the Jews. When they protest when a Ukrainian cleaner earns less money than her Polish counterpart. When they protest when someone says that non-Poles that come to our country steal our jobs. When we do not oppose these things we, frankly speaking, are not much different than the fascists. We have to repeat it in our heads a hundred times every day: „Equal rights for everyone!”

This text is about the more direct and physical side of battling the fascist side of the people, the fascist side of the state and about its reception by the society. There are as many tactics as there are tacticians, as many wars as there are warlords and this kaleidoscope is really wonderful.

Demonstrations, blocades, physical clashes with the police and fascists are elements of the anarchist as well the antifascist movement, no matter if you like it or not. As every choice in life, the decision to physically, hazardously, snotty, aimlessly face these elements of the system implies some consequenses, creates doubts and dillemas. Our decision to do it doesn't mean that we think it makes no sense or that we do not know why we do it. A friend of mine was once asked: „So you are an anarchist?” The answer was: „Believe me, sir, I have my reasons.”

You may laugh at me, I also ridicule your life created by IKEA, men's magazines, Fashion TV and TVN (the biggest Polish private TV broadcaster, the symbol of the neo-liberal media in Poland).
Track Name: Wielka Polska Antyfaszystowska
Antifascist Great Poland

(the idea of a catholic „Great Poland” that ranges from one sea to another [what is meant is the Black sea – the Ukraine is for many nationalists a territory that should be owned by Poland] is very popular among Polish nationalists. The title „Antifascist Great Poland” is a sardonic allusion to this concept.)

I remember I felt irrepresible fear
that tormented me with fast heart beats
but was striken by the enthusiasm that I'm not here by chance
that I am not alone, that there are thousands of us
that even if there are prohibitions, I will still say what I think
I will describe, depict, sing out word for word
the whole antifascism from beginning to end.
unified in a thousand stares
in a thousand risen hands
active resistance against nationalists
active resistance against repressions
actions to block the road
to the destruction of every myn's freedom
wherever he/she is on the map

unified in a thousand stares
in a thousand risen hands
I remember the look on many faces
when they waited for the detained in pouring rain
that they weren't there by chance
that they were not alone, that there's millions of us
that even if there are prohibitions
we'll still be standing up and shouting out from the barricades
word for word the whole antifascism from beginning to end
unified in a million stares
in a million risen hands.

for everyone of us for whom antifa means living
for whom antifa means friendship, we will not be forgotten

and when they haul you in unfoundedly once more
i will again stand there on soaked soil
with dry socks in an apple box
beside someone with a megaphone
and when they once more ram a knife into your back
i will again move heaven and earth
and from the stain of your blood
from my broken heart i will rise with new power
and i will not rest as long as i feel the taste of humiliation
no matter if you're you or you're me

This text goes to the November 11th Alliance and especially to the woman that continuously gives me faith that we will make it. There are people who utterly unwittingly fill you with zeal and motivation to act. And to two guys from my neighbourhood, especially for you Beniut as it was your bloodstain. It happened about ten years ago, but I remember it as if it happened today. Also in memory of the knife in Chirurg's back. I will have no remorse for abuses against defendants of the right to live in a world free of racism, fascism and xenophobic inclinations fueled by agression and a sense of superiority.
Track Name: Kałach
Kałach (Kalashnikov)

let's go, you and me
where human cries are heared
where humans create evil and enforcement
where atrocities are boundless
stop, you and you
consider when human senses
had the right to use
and to meet human desires
free yourself and me
of these inhuman beliefs in shadows
of masters, presidents, sultans
don't lie to me anymore
we won't be lied to
not anymore
Track Name: Bhangra na Maxa
bhangra to (the) Max
let candles and police stations burn
max was killed
max is dead
what more can i say
everything was said
by one gunshot
that no one gives a fuck about
because judging from the circumstances
this life wasn't worth much
ask his wife and kids
how they felt when they got word
the circumstances?
come on, man
he was killed by the revenue service
during a raid
the reason?
illegal trade
welcome to poland a.d. 2010
fights for a cross
lynching of gypsies
the nigger is dead
fuck him.
are you happy?
another scumbag's gone
remember that he left three kids behind
that raised with love
will carry in them the fire of fury against poles
especially these wearing uniforms
the fucking gallow awaits
rubble dubble there'll be trouble
there's no other way
when the self-proclaimed authorities
kill innocent people because they don't fit into their world view
clouds like they had been laid with a spoon
spilled all over the sky
wait for someone to notice them
to see how
the world spins round and round
a drop of sweat that runs between the thighs
must melt the grim shame
the last bells shall ring
bells shooting from pistols pow pow bang bang
saint symbols pow pow bang bang
blood has to be spilled pow pow bang bang
a caravan of colours pow pow bang bang
another death pow pow bang bang

This text is not directyly connected with the events on 11.11 but concerns the murder of a black-skinned Nigerian, Max Itoya, that happened on the 23rd of May 2010 on the marketplace near the 10th-Anniversary Stadium in Praga, one of Warsaw's districts. It is unnecessary to comment on the event but the circumstances and a wider look on the migration policy of the state as well as the problems connected with it demand not only a comment but also broad criticism.

Mybe our Polish reality is not strictly racist but events like this and the official discourse of public reaction show how far we still are from the ideal. Consider whether this death has changed anything, whether anyone got to understand better how deeply rascist and xenophobic the society we live in Praga, in Warsaw, in Poland is. Do you think our glorious civil society was changed by this event?