Wielka Polska Antyfaszystowska

from by simbola antifaszista

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Antifascist Great Poland

(the idea of a catholic „Great Poland” that ranges from one sea to another [what is meant is the Black sea – the Ukraine is for many nationalists a territory that should be owned by Poland] is very popular among Polish nationalists. The title „Antifascist Great Poland” is a sardonic allusion to this concept.)

I remember I felt irrepresible fear
that tormented me with fast heart beats
but was striken by the enthusiasm that I'm not here by chance
that I am not alone, that there are thousands of us
that even if there are prohibitions, I will still say what I think
I will describe, depict, sing out word for word
the whole antifascism from beginning to end.
unified in a thousand stares
in a thousand risen hands
active resistance against nationalists
active resistance against repressions
actions to block the road
to the destruction of every myn's freedom
wherever he/she is on the map

unified in a thousand stares
in a thousand risen hands
I remember the look on many faces
when they waited for the detained in pouring rain
that they weren't there by chance
that they were not alone, that there's millions of us
that even if there are prohibitions
we'll still be standing up and shouting out from the barricades
word for word the whole antifascism from beginning to end
unified in a million stares
in a million risen hands.

for everyone of us for whom antifa means living
for whom antifa means friendship, we will not be forgotten

and when they haul you in unfoundedly once more
i will again stand there on soaked soil
with dry socks in an apple box
beside someone with a megaphone
and when they once more ram a knife into your back
i will again move heaven and earth
and from the stain of your blood
from my broken heart i will rise with new power
and i will not rest as long as i feel the taste of humiliation
no matter if you're you or you're me

This text goes to the November 11th Alliance and especially to the woman that continuously gives me faith that we will make it. There are people who utterly unwittingly fill you with zeal and motivation to act. And to two guys from my neighbourhood, especially for you Beniut as it was your bloodstain. It happened about ten years ago, but I remember it as if it happened today. Also in memory of the knife in Chirurg's back. I will have no remorse for abuses against defendants of the right to live in a world free of racism, fascism and xenophobic inclinations fueled by agression and a sense of superiority.


from simbola antifaszista, released October 14, 2010



all rights reserved


simbola antifaszista Warsaw, Poland

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